Falcon Share Solar Powered

First Falcon Share solar-powered web server

Solar energy Nginx web server run in a Raspberry Pi 3 A+

This website represents the day that Falcon Share hosting and web design services finally become partially eco-friendly. (1/4/2022)

In this Website, you will be able to freely acquire all the information on how to build your own solar powered web server, with just a solar system and a Raspberry Pi 3 A+

First is first and by that I mean that you need to begin with the solar system.

For the solar system you will need 4 essential components which are the solar panel, of course, the battery, the charge controller, or your battery might blow up, and a converter.

Solar panel

So, to harvest the sun’s energy you will need a solar panel, solar panels as I’m sure you know convert sunlight into electric energy. My panel is pretty huge because my apartment faces North East, which is where the sun raises on the North Hemisphere. I’m sure that if you have a window facing South, you can manage with a much smaller solar panel.

Charge controller

In order not to damage the battery by discharging too much or overcharge the battery you will need a charge controller. Keep in mind that an overcharged battery can cause an explosion…
The charge controller is essential for safety and to make sure your battery will last a few years.
In the charge controller you can define when you want the solar panel to charge or when you want to cut power supply, so it doesn’t discharge completely. The voltages when you want the power off vary with each kind of battery, so make sure you got the right voltages defined on your charge controller.

The battery

You need a special battery to store the energy, a battery that can store enough energy to keep your appliances running when there’s no sunlight. It can be a deep discharge lead battery, a gel battery or a lithium  battery.
My battery is lead and I kind of overdone it because I have more plans in mind.

The converter

The convertor is a very simple appliance, it basically converts your 12 volt battery current into your home or appliance current voltage, in my case it’s 220 to 240 volts.

Installing your Ubuntu server into your Raspberry Pi 3 A+

Creating a bootable Ubuntu server system that will work with your Raspberry

In order to install the Ubuntu server you will need a micro sd-card that has enough space to store the operating system, I would advise at least 8 GB storage capacity.
To install the Ubuntu server into your micro sd-card you will need a sd-card adapter and a computer with a sd-card slot.

After you get your sd-card into your PC you will need an imager to write the OS into the card, I used Raspberry Pi Imager, and it took me about 5 minutes to make a sd-card bootable with Ubuntu server.

After creating the bootable micro sd-card you can access the files in the card and set up a wireless connection into your router. This way your Raspberry Pi will connect automatically into your home network.
After your Raspberry Pi is connected to your home network, all you need is to connect via SSH to your Raspberry Pi Ubuntu server

Installing PHP into your Ubuntu OS.

At the moment, the Ubuntu OS for the Raspberry Pi comes without the PHP service. If you want to make websites that make use of PHP like WordPress, you should install it into the OS before you install Nginx.

Installing Nginx, lightweight web pages server, into your Raspberry Pi.

Last step to have your webpages online is to install Nginx server into your Ubuntu.
This step is really easy and Nginx official website gives you all the information on how to install this server into your selected OS.
Once you install Nginx and configure the OS firewall, you should be ready to start making some neat webpages, like this one, and put them online.

That's it, now you can serve online websites.

That’s, it, if you managed to come this far in my website it means that now you are able to easily put your websites online.
Personally I preffer to use wordpress but there are other CMS that you can use. If you want to keep it simple you can also creat HTML pages.